ABTO asks Paul McCartney to sing “Die and Let Live” in support to the organ donation

ABTO asks Paul McCartney to sing “Die and Let Live”
in support to the organ donation

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Association wants to draw the world's attention to the importance of the attitude.

Translation by Marcia Maluf


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Photos kindly granted by the Corinthians' photographer, Daniel Jr.,
as the team played two matches spreading the campaign both in its shirt and at the stadium.

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Big screen at Corinthians stadium

We are asking for the support from other teams to consider the campaign instead of their love by the game and competition, which shall stay in the soccer fields, and being solidary to everyone who is helping.

São Paulo, March 2017 – Organ donation is still a worrying issue and it is relatively short when compared to the real needs in the country.

Aiming to draw people's attention to a matter which in the majority of cases is life-saving, ABTO – Brazilian Association of Organ Transplants – has launched the campaign “Die and Let Live” #Sing4LifePaul.

The idea is to spread a video through the internet’s social media to reach the highest amount of persons possible until reaching Paul McCartney, the ex-Beatles.

On the video, the Brazilian young man Keke, who had his heart transplanted one year ago appeals to the rocker to sing his song by inverting the lyrics to “Die and Let Live” in support to the organ donation. (Watch and share the video)

“Paul has millions of followers on the social media, and he has always been an influencer.

We will ask him to record a video singing a special version of his classic song “Live and Let Die” giving to it a new important dimension to the subject. We want people to feel encouraged to become organ donors", as it was explained by Roberto C. Manfro, ABTO's CEO.

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Big screen at Corinthians stadium

Today in Brazil, above 30 thousand persons are on waiting lists for a transplant, and hundreds of thousands are spread around the world. From 2015 to 2016, Brazil had a 3.5% increase in organ donations, thus attaining 14.6 donors per million people (pmp).

Although it is a favorable result, there was a slight reduction as to family refusal in the country, thus keeping the rejection rate too high. Presently, 43% of the Brazilian families interviewed did not authorize the donation of the organs (in 2015, such index was 44%).

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Campaign on the Corinthians' shirt

The current launched by ABTO draws the attention to the numbers in Brazil, but mainly that there is a donor culture missing. The subject is still a taboo for many persons, and such stigma must be broken. The campaign was created by Leo Burnett Tailor Made.
Stimulate this campaign yourself. Watch the movie and share it on your networking.
Be an organ donor!


#Sing4LifePaul #DieAndLetLive #ABTO


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Campaign on the Corinthians' shirt


The Brazilian Association for Organ Transplants is a non-profit medical civil society, which has as purpose to stimulate the development of every activity related to the organ transplantation in Brazil, and to gather professionals and entities involved with or interested in the organ transplantation. The institution also contributes to the establishment of rules, creation and improvement of the legislation related to the organ transplantation, besides of stimulating the creation of organ and tissue banks, identification services for receptors.

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Campaign on the Corinthians' shirt

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Campaign on the Corinthians' shirt

I thank Marcia Maluf for warning me on such campaign.